Discover your purpose. Develop your story. Deliver a transformation.

Get all the training and support you need to quickly turn your passion into a published book…

~ Carey Avalon. Legacy Book Coach

Your Legacy Begins Here


You have a story and a message in your soul. You just need a clear path to bring it out into the light.

Over the next 90 days, you’ll GET FOCUSED and TAP INTO YOUR FLOW so you can write and publish your Legacy Book


From Passion to Published Author

Here are the 9 steps we’ll work on in the Legacy Book Academy.


Find Your Purpose

You’ll discover just why you’re here, what lights you up, and what you’re going to write about.

Identify Your Audience

You’ll get super clear on WHO is the ideal reader for your book and what problems they need help with.

Claim Your Point of View

You’ll get bold and make a statement that will become the cornerstone for your book(s) and set you apart from all the others.

Gather Research

You’ll learn the right way to research so that your book is relevant and you are seen as a credible expert.

Define the Journey

You’ll define a solid path that will help your readers in reaching a destination or a transformation.

Extract Your Stories

You’ll learn how to turn your own unique stories into transformational teaching moments.

Write Content

You’ll learn the Focus and Flow Method of writing which will help you produce more content with ease.

Complete Production

You’ll learn the ins and outs of self-publishing as we go through each step together and actually publish your first book

Launch Campaign

You’ll create and follow a campaign to get your legacy book out into the world so you can help more people while you make sales.

A Look Inside

Over the next 90 days, you’ll get NINE implementation activities, delivered by audio, video and worksheet in your secure members’ area.


These activities are designed to QUICKLY TRANSFORM the way you approach writing a book. Each step builds upon the last, until you have all the content ready to be plugged in and turned on when you get to the writing stage.


You’ll receive all the support you need to complete your book – FOR THREE FULL MONTHS – from a private community group to live training calls and virtual group writing sessions.


What you need is a clear path that you can SEE and IMPLEMENT, step by step, alongside other aspiring authors who are going through this with you!


But you won’t just write your book! I’ll even guided you through the self publishing process so you can have book in hand, ready to share with the world, giving you more purpose, growth, and prosperity.

Is the Legacy Book Academy right for you?

I’ve helped many aspiring authors from the following fields of practice:





Will you be my next published author?



It’s my goal as a coach to create a legacy of value and transformation, so here’s my offer:

Join the Academy, work through the whole first stage of the program, and if you don’t love it and you have no more clarity about your book, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll give you all your money back.


What Authors are Saying

Carmen Parks, Author of How to Believe in Yourself

With the support of Carey and the other members, I was able to start writing, finish and publish my book within 8 weeks! I knew I wanted to write a book, but joining Carey’s group really made my dream become a reality. Her coaching and accountability helped me reach beyond what I thought was possible for myself.

Sophia Simo, Author of Dear Sophia, Love Yourself

No one has gently pushed me into my world of owning my truth and living my passion more than you, Carey! Thank you for all you have done for me and for the world. Because you encouraged me to share my stories you have vicariously touched the lives of others too. You are amazing!!

Got Questions?

What if I have too many (or not enough) ideas for my book? What if I'm not a writer?


Don’t worry. If you have a strong desire to write a book, the Legacy Book Academy will guide you in finding the right topic for your book and help you tune in to your own inner writer, the part of you that is an expert and can express yourself with ease!

When does the course start and finish?


As soon as you sign up you will be given access to the course and is designed to be completed in 90 days. You will continue to have access to course materials indefinitely (as long as Carey is in business). That means you may use the Passion to Published Method on your first book, your second book, and as many times as you like.


Will I have access to the whole program at once?


Yes. While the course is designed to be completed in 90 days, you may work at your own pace, spending more time on certain modules and less time on others, depending on your personal circumstance.


When are the live training calls? Can I speak to Carey?


  • The Live Training Calls are run once a month, on the first Thursday at either 9:00 AM Los Angeles USA/12:00PM, New York USA OR 4:00 PM Los Angeles USA/7:00 PM New York USA
  • Occasionally the schedule may change, in which case you will be notified beforehand.
  • You may ask Carey questions in three ways: send a message before the call, ask in the chat, or “raise your hand” to speak directly with Carey. She will answer as many questions as possible during the call


What if I can't make it to the live trainings?


All training calls are recorded and placed in an archive in a separate area from your course materials. You will have access to these calls for the first three months. If you would like to continue having access to live and archived calls, you may purchase monthly access. For more details on this email

How much does the program cost?
How is the Legacy Book Academy different from other book writing courses?
  • The Legacy Book Academy focuses on 3 ESSENTIAL PHASES of writing a book – the way you DISCOVER the core concepts of your book, the way you DEVELOP your ideas, and the way you Deliver your content to the public. Carey shows you how to tap into the Universal laws of masculine and feminine energy, what she calls Focus and Flow so you can complete your book with ease and joy.
What if I need more support?
  • We want everyone to succeed. Therefore we have created a private Facebook Group for Academy members. You may ask questions of Carey or the other members in there or find an accountability partner.
  • Access is granted for three months. After that you may stay in the group by purchasing monthly access.
  • For technical support or private coaching please email

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